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Anthromorphology is a new field of intellectual expoloration, an attempt to bring together the fields of anthropology, philosophy, poetry and science studies in order to cultivate a new, deeper understanding of what it is to be human (or non-human,) to create (or discover) to live (or to die) breathe, build, deconstruct, collapse etc. etc. etc. A study of human activity in the natural world that collapses the distinction between both an essentialized 'Nature' and an isolated principle of the 'human' that 'interacts' with it.
Anthromorphology was developped through the study of such archeological wonders as the nasca lines, macchu picchu, and the egyptian and mexican pyramids; sites in which the purpose, plan and inspiration for the epic scale construction seems to have been completely oriented around a quasi-transcendental experience of the 'natural surroundings' of which they seem to be an experession.
This blog will print various writings, pictures, essays, poems and stories in this brand new academic field, in an attempt to render manifest the new possibilities in "human" thought: the eradication of the human as a single concrete unity separate from the animal, and the birth of the word as actanct.
Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

anthromorphology. lets major in it.
oh yeah, and so today i took a trip to the zoo with ma buddies to work on a zoo project, which didn't really happen because i lost my focus after the shrooms kicked in. the flamingo eyes really tripped me out, they seem almost souless....do they have just a hint of soul...not as much as the monkees perhaps? i don't know....but i felt better once i saw the noble gorrillas who seemed to be kicking it quite fine. and then i screamed I want to be a gorrilla!! i love the way the grass is....so playful and forgiving. oh boy, the zoo... and then my feet were cold, and the world was falling apart because of that fact, so i bought socks from the gift shop. gorilla socks in fact. yeup.
i once fell in love with an orangutang.
and baby, we aint nothin but mammals.
i want to live the life of a primate who plays chess and raps.
mmmmm. bananas.
we like apes.
since 1993.
I love you ice.
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